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  • HIgh Distribution Cost
  • Late delivery
  • Slow Customer Service

Use Of AI

  • Use of Chat Bots
  • Price Recommendation Algoritham

Digital Marketing

  • Google Ads
  • Social Media Marketing
  • SEO

Introduction to Meesho

Meesho is a social eCommerce startup helping customers to get access to products ranging from apparel, electronics and jewellery at a cheaper price. Over 70% of customers come from Tier 2/3+ cities. These customers are generally price conscious by nature yet willing to buy quality products.

The products listed by the sellers or suppliers are being pushed by resellers, which helps the Meesho model to scale rapidly.

Challenges Faced By Meesho

High distribution cost: The distribution costs hits hard on Meesho financials. Acquiring & retaining the users who are price conscious needs constant burning of cash.

  • Inconsistent Product quality: During our research, multiple Meesho buyers mentioned degrading the quality of merchandise being delivered to them.
  • Late delivery & slow customer service: Multiple customers told us that sometimes the products are not delivered on time.
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Challenges Solved!

Role Of Technology

How Meesho Use Artificial Intelligence to Expand More

The business aims to follow a hyper-local approach to enhance its seller experience. It has over time used technologies like AI and machine learning to enhance its users’ shopping experiences.

E-commerce business Meesho is using artificial intelligence (AI) to customize its offerings to shoppers across the country by adding personalized language and search features. The company is exploring machine learning to predict how people spell keywords to enable them to find their desire garments easily, says Vidit Aatrey, CEO.

Use of Chat Bots

Meesho use automated chat bot system to better customer service and provide more ease to the customers.

Use AI for price strategy?

The algorithm looks into the past data as what similar products were sold at what price and what products were not sold at what price.

Use integrated payment method

created payment integration to provide carities secure payment gateways to the customers.

AI image scanners to examine the products delivery

They create a system in their app which provide sellers distributors to have a better control on their products.

Wrapping up

Thanking You!

Meesho began with a focus on social commerce, but its direct-to-consumer share has already been increasing, pitting it against big players such as Flipkart and Amazon. It now gets 75% of its revenue directly from its customers, while the remaining 25% comes from resellers.

Buying directly from the sellers would help customers to get the same product cheaper as compared to a reseller, enhancing customer experience. It would be interesting to see how Meesho tries to improve its relationship with the resellers who are the backbone of its whole social commerce model.

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