Flipkart case study on mobile phone sales data

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Business case study

On Flipkart Mobile phone sales data-

Flipkart is an e-commerce platform that sells a wide range of mobile phones. In order to identify the highest selling brand, most popular color, highest rated brand, highest profit brand, and most popular storage size, a data analysis was conducted using Flipkart's mobile phone sales data.

About Data

The Flipkart mobile sales data is a dataset that contains information about the sale of mobile phones on the Flipkart platform. The dataset has 3115 rows and 9 columns. Each row represents a mobile phone sale, and the columns provide information about the brand, model, color, memory, storage, rating, original price, selling price, and year of the mobile phone.

This dataset can be useful for various purposes, such as analyzing the trends in the sale of mobile phones on Flipkart, identifying popular mobile phone brands and models, and predicting the future demand for mobile phones based on the features and pricing.

(It's a filpkart's mobile data which we have take from the website 'Kaggle'. )


Which brand of mobile phones sells the most?

Apple is the most selling mobile phone on flipkart.

Which color mobile phones consumers are preferring the most ?

Crystal Blue Color is the most selling mobile phone on flipkart.

Which mobile brand has the most numbers of rating ?

Samsung has the most number of ratings on flipkart.

Which brand has the highest profit sharing

According to the data surveyed of flipkart Samsung mobile makes most profit

What storage capacity people are preferring the most ?

As you can see 64GB is the most selling storage on flipkart in a mobile phone

Techniques Used

Firstly, we analyze the data and filter it. This involves sorting the data and analyzing any blank cells, which we fill in as needed.

Secondly, after clearing and sorting the data, we create a calculation sheet and formulate 5 questions based on our analysis of the data.

Thirdly, we move on to the dashboard part, where we attach a combo button to regulate the Excel sheet. Using the combo button, we also attach a graph of all the questions we formulated.

To find unique brand, color, storage, etc, we use the advanced filter option. To find the total amount of sales of a particular brand, we use the SUMIFS formula.


To create the graphs, we select the question data, go to the insert menu, and select the appropriate graph based on the data analysis. For example, we use the INDEX formula to select a specific year.

To answer questions such as "Which brand has the highest selling?", we use the SUMIFS formula. For questions like "Which color sells the most?", we use the COUNTIFS formula. To find the total ratings or profit of a particular brand, we use the SUMIFS formula as well.

For questions like "Which storage sells the most?", we use the COUNTIFS formula. Other formulas we use include MAX and MATCH.

Conclusion & Analysis

The analysis revealed that Apple was the highest selling brand,Crystal Blue was the most popular color, accounting for 413 units purchased, Samsung had the most ratings , samsung had the highest profit margins, 64GB was the most popular storage size.

Based on these findings, it can be recommended that Flipkart should focus on promoting Apple mobile phones, especially those that are Crystal blue and have 64GB of storage, as these are the most popular options among customers. In addition, Flipkart should consider partnering with Samsung to increase its profit margins, and promoting Samsung phones for their high ratings. By leveraging these insights, Flipkart can improve its mobile phone sales and better meet the needs of its customers.


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