So guys I will share my experiences of how I trained Buddy so you can train your Puppy/Dog after reading this article, so friends in this article I will share 4 rules with you that are more important rules for training so if you follow these rules then you will be able to train your dog/puppy very fast.

Rule 1. At what age can we start to train our/dog/puppy?

For puppies, there is a minimum age of 2 months. So if your puppy is over 2 months, then you can train your puppy But if your puppy is under 2 months, he/she won’t be able to get trained as the puppy is still very young So wait till your puppy is 2 months after your puppy is over 2 months, you can start training.

And if you have an adult dog, at what age can we still train him? Well, there is such a rule for dogs You can train a dog at any age. You might face some problems as your dog would have bad habits from earlier it will take some time and effort to train but a dog can be trained too.

Rule 2. What is a good time to do training?

So, this one has 2 rules as well. If it’s the 1st time you are training your puppy/dog then pick a time when your puppy/dog is tired and is a little hungry Because if he is active, then he won’t listen to you at all. In fact, he might start biting you during the training or get aggressive so tired means to suppose if he just woke up at that time he will be a little lazy, right? And hungry means like about 2 hrs. before his meal time so he just woke up about 2 hrs. before his mealtime will be the best time to train, as he might be hungry and lazy. So at that time, he will respond to your commands for the temptation of treats and he won’t bite you at all.

And the 2nd part for this is if you have already trained your puppy/dog and if you want to repeat the training then there is no best time of day for this, for this, you can train whenever it’s possible throughout the day like Buddy already knows a lot of tricks he knows about 10+ tricks, So for a buddy, we don’t wait anymore for him to wake up. Whenever we get a chance, like before giving him a treat like before taking him on a walk or whenever it’s possible we train him, So the best time is to train him throughout the day.

Also, I would like to give you an important tip. If you train your puppy/dog at the same time and the same location then after some time change the location as well then your puppy/dog will think this is my training time and this is my training location and he won’t train anywhere else.

For example, like if you train in the evening on your balcony then he will respond to your training there only and won’t respond anywhere else. So sometimes change the position and time of training, since Buddy has learned a lot of tricks, we give him training outside the house train at the gate, in the garage keep changing the position. Because it is said that your training is not complete until your dog/puppy follows your training in every situation.

 So we are still working on Buddy because sometimes he breaks our training and sometimes he doesn’t follow our training in new situations and in front of new people, so until this happens keep training your dog/puppy.

Rule 3. How long should I train a day?

Well to start, if you are training for the first time then you must train 15 minutes a day at least because at this age puppy’s mind is so young that they learn rapidly and forget rapidly so if you don’t continue your training every day then he will forget very soon this is why 15 minutes a day is necessary.

4. What is the best order to train?

Well, the order should be to teach your puppy (not to a dog) his name like if I say Hey Buddy then he should look at me but I don’t think you should work for it because puppies learn that automatically within a few weeks so instead you should save that time and use it for next training.

What reread should I use for training? So that your puppy/dog listens to you

Well, you can use 2-3 things for this we use training treats that you use to give to your puppy/dog you can use those, or you can use low-value food like kibble, sometimes I give kibble to Buddy for training kibble is his food that he eats every day three times a day that is a low value because he eats it every day he won’t have much interest in it. He will eat it and do the training but won’t like it a lot of high value is something that your puppy likes a lot.

For example, training treats that we use for Buddy and also take note that to avoid overfeeding your puppy/dog because the calorie requirement is very important for a puppy initially. If your puppy eats this meal in a day then take some portion of the meal out and use it for training rather than feed him the entire meal plus add calories from training treads that will increase his calories per day and he can get obese so make sure to feed about the same calories a day as required training treads are low in calories but still have some calories so if you are using training treads then reduce the portion of his meal a little so that his overall calories a day remains the same so I had all these tips for you in this article.

So next I will talk about these topics, So our first training will be on Sit and Stay, we will learn to Drop it command because many times you will be in a situation when your poppy/dog will be biting a lot of your stuff and you would want him to leave it and he will not leave it so we will learn to Drop it command after that we will learn other training which is more of a fancy training like a handshake and high 5 or lying down on the floor, crawling or spinning so we will learn all those commands in this series.

Here you see some types of training.

1. Sit training

So the idea of sit is very simple, you need to take the treats over his head the moment his hip/butt touches the ground.

  • first of all, speak yes
  • Say Buddy come… good boy come…
  • And when the puppy eats treats then says ‘Ok good boy’

and you can see I haven’t used the sit word, we will introduce the word later but will teach him action first. So let me change my position.

  • And ‘say again Buddy come’
  • yes! good boy…

You can see he is thinking that he is going as per my plan or he is thinking that he is going as per my plan then only he is getting the treats, now we will introduce the word.

  • Ok, come…
  • And now say ‘Sit’
  • Or  say ‘ yes good boy’

So you should do this regularly and for at least 15 mins every day, he will learn the meaning of the word if you do this for 15 mins every day. Buddy is already trained but this is how you train a puppy to sit.

2. Stay training

So guys the first funda of Stay is that you should start slowly, so your puppy won’t learn to Stay instantly and you will have to train for 1 sec then 2 seconds, let’s see how we will do this.

  • You see treats him and say ‘ Buddy yes good boy’

as you say I haven’t told him to Stay but what I am teaching him is if you wait for some time then you will get treats

  • And when the puppy eats treads then say ‘ yes good boy’

So guys there are 3 things very important in the Stay training:- Duration, Distance or Distraction, and these are called Triple Ds.

 First, we will work on Duration meaning how long can we make him stay.

  • And now say ‘Yes good boy’

so you saw I am increasing the duration little by little and when he masters it then I will introduce the word

  • Say Buddy Stay…
  • ” yes, good boy…

and say Yes to make it to let him know that this is the expected behavior. You can also use a clicker.

  • Say ‘ Stay.. yes good boy…

 and yes, the gesture is very important too, it will save you from speaking Stay every time the pup will relate the gesture too when he sees the gesture he will understand that this means Stay see how

  • Say Buddy yes! good boy…

because Buddy is already trained he knows this means Stay.

3. Handshake training

This is very simple train them well for this recipe you need 2 ingredients 1st your Puppy or your dog and 2nd treads you get treats in your hand and keep to the front of the puppy/dog and Buddy eats the treads.

So, first, we will start with Handshake. The first requirement for this is your puppy or dog should be in the Sit position. If your puppy is not in Sit position he won’t be able to raise his hand as he has weight on his hand, Now he is sitting so he will be able to raise his hand. So basically, you don’t have to say a word to him, Just have a treat in your hand and show him and you see him raise his hand by himself.

Puppies have a tendency to raise their hand if they have food in front of them, So at that movement, you have to say Yes Yes or use a clicker. So we will take some treats in our hands and will take them close to the puppy and we will wait for him to slightly raise his hand and then we will say Yes right away take it close to his mouth and give him a treat.

Now we don’t use the Handshake word we want him to learn the action right now and say Yes right away take it close to his mouth and give him a treat Buddy has trained already that is why it looks very easy, But this is the process and you have to follow the same process for your puppy, again and again, repeat this for a while, then I will introduce the word shake.

And by the way, if your puppy keeps barking and is not raising his hand then your puppy is Active and you will have to wait when your puppy is not active. we will say Yes right away take it close to his mouth and give him a treat and say ” yes good boy”. So you have to repeat this every day for at least 15 minutes, so after some patience and practice, there will be a day when he will know what Shake means.

  • Say, Buddy, eat slow…
  • Shake good boy…Yes…

So this is how trained for a shake. Right now Buddy is only raising his hand but it’s up to you if you want to shake the hand. Now I will have the treat on my other hand and my other hand has nothing, now I will say shake to Buddy.

  • And now I say him Buddy shake…
  • and change the other hand and repeat and say “Good boy..”

So this is how trained for a shake.

4. Hi-Five training

Let me first make Buddy stay before he barks, Now we do Hi-Five and it’s almost the same as Shake. The idea is should not raise their hand like this but instead raise like Hi-Five, so let’s do it and won’t introduce the word yet, I just want him to learn the action. So for this when you raise your hand like Hi-Five then raise your hand close to his level, not too high so he doesn’t have any problem raising his hand, we will gradually increase the height. So I will have the treat on my other hand as I have to teach him Hi-Five from his other hand.

  • Raise your hand and say “Good boy”

you haven’t introduced the word yet. I am teaching him the action and teach him High Five when he knows how to shake, as he will know to raise his and when you raise your hand.

And after practice and patience, when your puppy keeps repeating the same then increase the height and introduce the word.

  • Raise your hand and say “Yes Good boy”
  • And again raise your hand and say ” High Five”
  • Again, have the treat on your other hand and raise your other hand to say “High Five”
  • Say Buddy High Five… Yes, good boy…

So you have to repeat the same for some time, so the idea is simple. If you raise your hand like this then he will do shake and if he does the action according to your command, then say yes or a clicker.

Ok, so this is how trained for High Five.

5. Drop it training

The idea for dropping it is very simple. Basically what you have to do is, whenever there is a situation where there is something in your puppy or dog’s mouth that you want him to immediately drop it. Maybe it’s very harmful to the puppy or the dog or if it’s a thing that like your cloth which can get damaged, so drop it training is very useful in that case always remember patience and practice are 2 very important principles for any training and with time everything is possible your puppy or dog will definitely learn to drop it a command.

And for this training, I cannot put anything in buddy’s mouth that he will drop because he is not in the mood to hold anything, if your puppy or dog has something in the mouth that he is not dropping then use both of your hands hold that thing firmly with both of your hands and you see he is pulling and doesn’t introduce the word now.

When he drops the thing for once because he will get bored when he drops the thing once when he gets bored because he will think that you are not interested in playing when he gets bored and drops the thing wait for a pause of 2 seconds because if you don’t wait and praised him instantly then he will think that holding the thing was good. You don’t want to teach that, but want to train that dropping the thing will earn his treat.

If Buddy is holding it then I will firmly hold this toy and I will wait for him to drop it. I have,t used the word till now.

  • You see Buddy drop a toy and now say “Yes Good boy”…
  • Say again “Yes good boy”…

And now you can gradually teach him the word, you have to hold to bore him to drop it and after 1-2 seconds Buddy drops it.

Now teach him to drop it word, give him a treat and praise him then he will understand that drop it means to let it go..let’s try again

  • You say to Buddy “Drop it.. Yes good boy”…

So this is how to train our puppy or dog for the drop it commands, it will take some time but if you practice daily then he will understand that drop it means letting go.

6. Jump training

Jump is simple, it’s not hard so what you need to do is take a treat or a toy that your dog loves a lot take it in your hand because he wants it. Now go up a little higher lure him with that you will see he will jump automatically for it. Wait for the movement when he gets up.

  • You say “Buddy… Yes Good boy”
  • Again keep a toy in your hand and raise your hand Say, Buddy…Yes…good boy

And you see your puppy or dog jump to keep it, you should also do like this so he understands that I should jump in situations like this.

  • Again say “Buddy yes..good boy”

And you see your Buddy is already jumped and Buddy is already trained to this action now you can use Jump word.

  • “Buddy jump..Yes good boy”…

So this was very simple, did you see how easy it was to train the puppy to jump?

7. Pee and Potty Training

To reduce this thing what you can do is take your pop out to pee yourself, rath than pee and poop inside the home. This will help a puppy will learn that peeing or potty in the house is not allowed but outside is allowed.

During this situation:-

  • After waking up
  • Before sleep
  • After food
  • After exercise or play

If you talk care of these points then accidents will reduce in the house.

 And this is also an important point if you are taking your puppy out to pee or potty then make him pee or poop, don’t play with him don’t talk to him so that he learns it is a potty break or pee break, it is not a play break else if you start playing with him after pee/potty then it will get confused that is it a pee/potty break or play break. whenever you go out with the puppy to pee/poop don’t talk to him and don’t play with him.

Another important point is if you go outside with the puppy then you stand like a bore don’t involve in any activity because it can divert his attention from pee/poop towards playing and he might not pee there and then and instead he might pee when you bring him in that he doesn’t pee when you are out but pees when you bring him in, it’s frustrating at that moment.

 So remember if you go out to pee, don’t talk and stand bored, and if he is not peeing when outside not pooing either then bring him inside within 2-3 minutes and within 5 minutes of bringing him in, go out again for him to try peeing again.

This is the most important point if there is a pee/potty accident in the house then you should stop the pee/potty activity, and start shouting No at the pup and say No in a hard tone like Buddy No, No, so that he will get to know”Oh no what have I done?” pee/potty inside wasn’t allowed, pick him up and talk him outside instantly and make him try again when outside although he has already peed inside the house you should make him try again to pee and poop outside so that he realizes pee and potty outside is allowed but not allowed inside the house because I am being scolded upon when I do inside but I get praised when outside.

 And if he pee/potty outside then always give him tread he will feel very good about it he will stary going out for the love of the treat. And trust me the day you started giving him treats when outside and he expects you that you will give treats, so stopped peeing and pooping inside the house.

Another point is a pup pees inside by mistake don’t talk to him in long sentences he won’t get it only use No word. It would feel bad after heating No word as it would in a harsh tone, if you speak in long sentences, he won,t understand only use No.

  Again point is that remember this about potty pups poop after a few hours of eating like Buddy poops about 2-3 hours later of eating, try him to do the business before bed so you will have to manage all this initially. You won’t know when the puppy pees or poops after eating but if you learn that he poops 2-3 hours later after having food then you should take care of it yourself and take him outside and let him do his business.

point no. 8

Spend the most time of the day inside the house with the puppy. If you spend more time outside the house with the puppy then the puppy will think that his house is outside but if you spend more time in the house then he will know that this is my house and let me tell you a fact puppies never spoil their home, if the pup gets to know that he lives there then he will not soil the house. So try to spend more time in the house with the puppy reduce outing time outside the house, so that he learns the responsibility that this is my house and we go outside to pee/potty and play.

8. Wait for Food Training

Wait for food training is very simple, if your puppy or dog barks a lot then don’t feed him at that time, either remove the food or hide it with your hand or stop serving the food at that time and the moment he stops barking then praise him so that he thinks that this is the accepted behavior and this is how I will get food and when this happens then you continue feeling him.

At Buddy’s dinner time and this is what I’m trying to train him on, let’s see how I am going to do it.

  • When he barking says “Buddy No…”
  • And stop barking say ” Buddy Good boy…”

He will bark a little but you will have to be hard a little, if you don’t get hard then he will not learn. Whenever there is a pause for 2 seconds when he is silent, praise him and continue feeding and when he barks, stop feeling, if he feels that he needs food then he will stop barking like Buddy is not barking at this moment and he knows if he barks I will stop. So when he stops barking, praise him and then continue feeling.

At dinner time use these types of words.

  • Say Buddy let’s go it’s a dinner time
  • Buddy come…correct sit
  • Say “Buddy stay…eat good boy”

If you do this every day, I am sure the pup will learn very soon.

9. Reduce Puppy Biting/Nipping Training

If you are going to get a new puppy or already got one then be prepared. The first thing you should keep in mind is that the puppy will bite because there are 2 reasons that the puppy is teething at this time and the puppy engages with the world from his mouth by chewing that way he explores how the world and things are around him.

If you are getting a puppy then be prepared, this biting habit stays for 7-8 months for the puppies. Basically, I am going to tell you this trick that I did and going to do, if you do this every day then it will affect you, we are doing this trick for a month now.

  • Whenever Puppy is biting then say “Buddy no.. “and keep a bone in his mouth and again say “Yes Good boy..”

whenever you say No, he stops so you will have to say No to your puppy continuously, you will have to teach a word to your puppy which means to Stop this is not acceptable what you are doing and if your puppy stops for 1 second then you need to praise him. This way he feels that wow something I did was great and I should continue doing it, my humans say No to me during biting but when I stop they praise me “I think I did something good”, You have to train your dog this.

 And the second thing for his distraction you can use a toy, this way he will learn that biting is not an acceptable toy is acceptable you have to teach this. If you do this daily and many times even in a single day, if you do this trick many times then you have been doing this for a month now and you can see the results, I hope your dog produces results faster but it will take some time.

So basically the idea is whenever he bites you, the furniture, or even the curtains whatever thing you want he doesn’t bite, you have to use a No word so that he stops biting and the split second he stops, you have to praise him so that the pup learns that so that I get praises and treats, do make sure to not to hit the puppy because the puppy can get aggressive and don’t treat the puppy during biting because it can enhance his biting.

These are some important things that are helping to train a dog/puppy. If you want to buy then click on the link and buy now.

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  9. Stevelic

    После переработки металлолом можно использовать в качестве заменителя природного сырья, что существенно экономит расход природных ресурсов.
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